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8681 Eramosa Garafraxa Townline
Belwood, Ontario, N0B 1J0

Our trial site is at Mayrich Kennels.

The building is a spacious 80 ft x 140 ft.

80 ft x 110 ft is used for the agility playing field.

80 ft x 30 ft is used for crating.

The playing field and crating area are separated by 7ft tall fencing panels.


The surface is AGL Grass artificial turf (installed over a sand and screening base).


There are two in-door washrooms. 


House Rules

Please see the image below for off-limit areas (trails, far end of the agility arena, parking by the garage door/Mayrich shop)

Please only use the area marked WALKING/WARM-UP

Please pick-up poop and place bags in the bins located outside, mid way along the agility area

Dogs must be leashed

There is a $25 cleanup fee for dogs that foul in the ring

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