66th AAC Sanctioned Trial - Confirmations

Thank you for entering our 66th AAC Sanctioned trial at Mayrich Kennels.

Over the two days we have approx. x dogs and y runs.  These numbers may slightly increase.

Below please find the following information:

(1) Confirmed Entries

(2) General Trial Information

(3) Event Schedule

(4) Volunteer Schedule


(1) Confirmed Entries

Please double check: (i) dog id, (ii) jump height, (iii) class level and (iv) classes entered.

A checkmark to the right of the height/class level indicates that your dog id card has been reviewed. If you haven't already, you can e-mail a scanned copy of your dog id(s) to gary@dogagilityontario.com, otherwise you will need to check-in upon arrival.

(as of Thursday May 13 at 11am)

(2) General Trial Information

(i) Building Access: 8:00am onwards

(ii) Measurement: 8:15am – 8:30am


(iii) General briefing and Judge’s briefing: 8:45am


(iv) Course walk-thru: 9:00am (7 minutes) followed by first dog on the line


(v) Dogs cannot participate without a valid Dog ID Card. If you do not have your permanent height card, your dog 

will have to be measured.

(vi) Warm-up jump will be outside.

(vii) Unless competing in the ring or using the warm-up jump, all dogs must be on leash and under control at all times.

When not competing, as a courtesy to others, please have you dog crated.

(viii) You must clean-up after you dog, there are garbage bins located outside the Agility Arena.


(ix) Running order may vary between Small to Tall, Regular, Specials, Vets.

(3) Event Schedule

(as of Thursday May 13 at 11am)


The schedule is based on: 20 minute course build, 7 minute walk-thru and 1.5 minutes/run. We could easily be finished an hour ahead of schedule. 

(4) Volunteer Schedule

The volunteer schedule will be available at the trial.  

Please note that water/pop and snacks will be available for volunteers.  Lunch will NOT be provided.  

(5) Team Relay Pairs

We have an odd number of dogs entered in Team Relay, so we have an unpaired team (Shirley/Kaity).


Please contact us if you are interested in running with Shirley 

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