Dog Agility Ontario was first conceived in 2012 by Sandy Currie, Gary Kollar and Tammy Kollar.

We are an organization run by agility enthusiasts, for agility enthusiasts! Our goal is to run sanctioned agility events in a fun filled and professional manner.


Dog Agility Ontario's first AAC Sanctioned Trial was in May 2012.  Between May 2012 and February 2018  we ran 52 AAC Sanctioned Trials including over 20,000 runs.

Over our first six years of operation there were some changes, the most notable being the move  in our trial site from Flamborough to Barrie.

As with most things in life, change is inevitable.  At our February 2018 trial, we announced that Sandy Currie was leaving Dog Agility Ontario.  Sandy had recently moved from Bala to the Kingston area.  The travel to our trials in Barrie was very taxing.  Sandy had also acquired a new puppy that required much attention.  The Currie household is now back to three Tollers.

Tammy and Gary thank Sandy for his contributions to Dog Agility Ontario.

Tammy and Gary decided to continue hosting Dog Agility Ontario trials,  the first being in June 2018 at our new trial site (Mayrich Kennels).

Most importantly, thanks to all who have enjoyed our trials, volunteered to help build courses, worked as ring crew or helped with scoring - we could not have done this without everyone's support.