Dog Agility Ontario was first conceived in 2012 by Sandy Currie, Gary Kollar and Tammy Kollar.

Our first AAC Sanctioned Trial was held in May 2012.

Between May 2012 and February 2018  we ran 52 AAC Sanctioned Trials including over 20,000 runs.  In this time period we operated out of facilities in both Flamborough and Barrie.

At our February 2018 trial we announced that Sandy Currie was leaving Dog Agility Ontario. Sandy had recently moved from Bala to the Kingston area.  The travel to our trials in Barrie was very taxing. 

Tammy and Gary decided to continue hosting Dog Agility Ontario trials.  Our 53rd  AAC Sanctioned Trial was held in June 2018 at our new in-door trial site, Mayrich Kennels, near Fergus.

Between June 2018 and February 2020 we held 12 AAC Sanctioned Trials at Mayrich Kennels, more than 4,000 runs.


Due to COVID-19 we cancelled all trials between March 2020 and October 2021 (20 months).

On November 20 - 21, 2021 we resumed hosting trials.

Our November trial environment was characterized by strict COVID-19 protocols, including:

- limited entries

- mandatory full vaccination

- check-in procedures

- physical distancing

- masking

- e-mail distribution of course maps

- pre-package paper course maps for each handler

- gloves for course builders and ring crew

- Smartphone gating application ("Agility Gate")

Our 2022 trial season began in May 2022 which marked our 10th Anniversary of hosting agility trials.


Our goal is to run AAC sanctioned agility events in a fun filled, stress free environment in a professional manner.