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november 11 - 12, 2023 trial information

Confirmations (as of Nov. 8)

  • (as of November 8, 2023) 476 runs (229 on Saturday and 247 on Sunday)

  • Building Access: 8:00am

  • Dog Measurement: 8:15am

  • General briefing and Judge's briefing: 8:45am

  • Course walk-through: 9:00am for 7 minutes then first dog on the line (walk-throughs may be split depending on the numbers of handler)

  • Dogs cannot participate without a valid Dog ID Card.

  • Warm-up jump will be outside.

  • Unless competing in the ring or using the warm-up jump, all dogs must be on leash and under control at all times.

  • When not competing, as a courtesy to others, please have you dog crated.

  • Running order may vary between Small to Tall, Regular, Specials, Vet

  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the Mayrich property. If you are found to be consuming alcohol you will be asked to leave the trial.

Mayrich House Rules

  • Indoor shoe policy. Please come with both indoor and outdoor shoes.

  • You must clean-up after you dog, there are garbage bins located outside the Agility Arena.

  • There is a $25 clean-up fee if you dog fouls indoors on the turf.

  • Please respect the OFF-LIMITS areas (trails, parking by the garage doors/Mayrich shop, far end of the agility arena)

Schedule (as of Nov. 8)

Team Relay 1 (as of Nov. 4)

Team Relay 2 (as of Nov. 4

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